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We offer study abroad programs that train and reward students in a motivating and safe
 environment for a culturally unique experience.

We give students the opportunity to interact with the local community, drawing on the richness of Sicilian and popular culture, to promote the culture and the beauty of our country in the world.
We maintain educational high standards. Our courses are carried out by highly qualified teachers, both local and foreign, who have over ten years of experience and a track record of excellence in teaching.
 We emphasize direct learning in the field. This is done through field study, where the students can
observe and touch the richness and beauty of our culture, which can be learned in an archaeological
site, in a museum or simply in the streets of Ortigia.

We offer support in all phases of the training experience, providing an orientation to the students and the visiting faculty, both before leaving their country and during their stay in Syracuse. We provide the reception at the airport, the accommodation in the various Residences, and also a walking tour of Syracuse, so that students and visiting faculty can get an idea of ​​where they are and where to find an ice cream parlor, a bakery, or the market. Emergencies are handled 24 hours a day by qualified personnel.

We provide our students the opportunity to participate in several extracurricular activities that support the various academic programs, such as cooking classes, lectures, or volunteer activities that involve the community, so that students can leave something of their own culture to the community that welcomes them.
We aim to create a network of local and international academic institutions, in order to facilitate the cultural exchange between the various countries.

In the extreme part of this island there is a source of fresh water whose name is Aretusa, of incredible width, full of fish, whose flow would be completely submerged if it was not separated from the sea by a massive stone wall.


The one that stretches out fantasticly on the water, surrounded by myths and legends, is the island of Ortigia

G. Maielli

There is no place that leaves deeper memories impressed
E. Viollet Le Due

The most beautiful and the most noble among the Greek cities
T. Livio


Scie Center offers to the Students and Teachers who want to come to Sicily and have a unique experience, both logistic and specialized support for Custom and Faculty- led  programs for Universities, Schools and Colleges. The Scie team has many years of experience in the Study Abroad field, and this makes them reliable partners and experts in organizing any type of program. In 15 years of experience they have created an important network with the local community, which allows them to offer students a unique and extraordinary experience here in Syracuse. The Students will have the opportunity to learn the real Sicilian traditions and breathe the history and culture of the island.


Scie Center, in collaboration with prestigious local language schools, offers the opportunity to learn Italian language and culture to students of all nationalities, ages and academic backgrounds. All language lessons can be associated with cultural activities, such as archeology, art and architecture, conversation, marine biology, volcanology and more. Courses can also be built according to personal needs, although, for beginners, we recommend taking at least a two-week course.


Scie Center can organize Summer Courses and Workshops for undergraduate and post-graduate students, who will have the opportunity to work in the field, led by experienced teachers in collaboration with international and local professionals. Syracuse is the ideal place to carry out archaeological excavations and study the various civilizations that have succeeded one another from the Bronze Age to the Greeks and Romans and onward. During the summer, it is possible to take specialized courses in Marine Biology, Digital Archeology, Volcanology, Geology and Business.


Scie Center creates the opportunity to spend some fantastic holidays in an attractive and historical scenery like Ortigia Island, for those who want to relax and enjoy the beauties of a city rich in history and culture like Syracuse. Scie Center will organize  specific guided tours to our Archaeological sites, teach how to cook our typical Sicilian dishes, give Italian lessons, artistic and creative activities. All this to make the holiday in Syracuse a pleasant and unforgettable place to stay.


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